We are a group of Melbourne-based consultant neuropsychiatrists with expertise in clinical, research, teaching and consulting work in psychiatry, neuropsychiatry and consultation-liaison psychiatry with patients with psychological and psychiatric illness, dementia, neurological disorders, neurometabolic and neurodegenerative conditions, acquired brain injuries, and toxic/metabolic disorders. We also specialise in patients with multiple and complex needs, who require a holistic multifaceted assessment and treatment approach that may encompass disabilities across multiple domains of function.

Our clinicians bring with them expertise gained via many years' work in clinical psychiatry and tertiary-level neuropsychiatry in the Australian health care sector, and through years of high-level research, education and training within the University sector.

We pride ourselves in our capacity to deliver timely, effective and evidence-based interventions for a range of complex clinical disorders, and provide expertise in investigation, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and neuropsychiatric illness, and complex medical/psychiatric presentations. Our philosophy is that through a combination of a strong collaborative clinician-patient relationship, and a thorough and holistic medical and psychological approach to our patients' needs, we can achieve the highest possible standard of care for all our patients and referrers.